• Pair Programming

    One of the mantras of agile is that Pair Programming is universally good; some teams even extended this into “mob programming” where the whole team shares a keyboard. After practicing this on and off for two decades, I’m not too convinced of its general applicability or advantageousness. Note that this will be a longread ;-)

  • Engineering

    Following up on my post on “Design”, I’d like to take a bit deeper dive on this whole “engineering” business, because I think the topic is worth an article.

  • Design

    There’s something I need to get out of my system, and it’s how we tend to handle design when writing code. Much has been said on this and I’m not sure I will actually contribute to the discussion, but I feel better when I have it written down. This is going to be a lengthy and probably quite meandering post, but it’s been quite a while since I last wrote about the subject so I think it’s my turn again to further pollute the internet.

  • Scala, part II

    Eight years ago, I wrote a very enthusiastic post about Scala on Artima. It is 2017 now, and I’m a little bit less happy with the language, to say the least. Consider this a retraction :-)

  • Packaging Elixir

    You’re all down and now you want to deploy your awesome new Elixir project. Question one is - how to package it up so you can ship it off? There are tons of solutions and there’s little guidance out there. Here’s my (quick) take on it.

  • Mocking in Elixir

    Elixir is a pretty new language and as such is still developing patterns and adapting existing patterns to its sometimes idiosyncratic ways. One of these concerns mocking.

  • Why I'm skipping my commute

    I work for a great company. We have awesome offices with all amenities, and public transport brings me there and back for CA$6 in a reasonable time. Still, I’m mostly working from home these days.

  • CUPS on Raspberry Pi for HBPL1

    The Raspberry Pi 3 is a wonderful little device. I have two, one to toy with and one as a media box attached to the living room TV. Then my SO wanted to do AirPrint, so I installed CUPS and Avahi and then discovered that there are no standard HBPL1 drivers, which my Dell C1660w needs.

  • Elixir

    New languages have been popping up with predictable regularity ever since I wrote my first line of code. Elixir is one of the exceptions that gets me out of jaded-old-guy mode.

  • Transitive dependencies

    Transitive dependencies look to me a lot like multiple inheritance, and with the same pitfalls.

  • Rantware: Hardcoded

    More rantware. Bloated configuration libraries that let you store configs all over the place, fetch them from URLs or S3 or whatever, while the smart people behind the twelve-factor app are quite right in simply insisting that configs go through the environment.

  • Rantware: Unclever

    New stuff: rantware. Sometimes, enough is enough, and you go off on a rant. Lately, I had that a couple of times and in order to channel the energy into something productive, I’ve invented “rantware”. Rants that result in code.

  • How to skin a snake using docker

    The snake being Python, of course.

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